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Title: UPAYA PEMERINTAH DAERAH DALAM PENGEMBANGAN POTENSI SENTRA INDUSTRI KECIL (Studi Pada Sentra Industri Kecil BREM di Desa Kaliabu Kecamatan Mejayan Kabupaten Madiun )
Keywords: UPAYA
Issue Date: 8-Jun-2011
Abstract: This research was based on the phenomena of the bad condition of small industry available at local due to the global competition and how the role of government as the regulator of policy to developing the potential of small and medium sized industries at the local. This demand the government to make innovation in the effort of developing small and medium sized industries at Indonesia, namely by local autonomy policy related with the problems being the responsibility of the local government, in the more special term, this comprised of giving the facility for developing the small and medium sized industries. This was purposed to enforce make the prosperity will be faster by means of service improvement, enforcement and the society participation. Beside that, the local government was hoped will improve the competitive advantage by considering democracy, equity, excellence and specialization as well as the potential and the variety of the local government. The purpose of this research was to describe the effort of local government in order to develop small and medium sized industries, performed descriptively by means of qualitative approach. This research was performed at small industries of BREM at Kaliabu Village Mejayan District Madiun Regency, the reasons of this were: (1) Madiun Regency is the known supplier of BREM where the potential should be improved beside that BREM Madiun is the special product of the area due to the unique owned from the history, taste and the form of BREM, and (2) Kaliabu Village had more population that the other supplier such as Bancong Village at Wonosari District that are only 2.168 people while Kaliabu Village has 4.594 people of population (www.madiunkab.go.id). Due to the BREM is special product where the production process is possessed by the people in the area namely Kaliabu Village, so that the location of this research was determined in this area. Beside that the most people in the area produce BREM to provide for family. The focus of this research is the effort of the Local Government to develop the potency of small-sized industries of BREM that are limited in five matters consist of : financial development, to increase ease in the license service, to increase accessibility cooperation, human resources coaching and improvement of the business, and supporting and disturbing factor in the process of enhancing the potential of small industries BREM at Kaliabu Village, Mejayan District, Madiun Regency. Based on the result, the conclusions given by this research are (1) the efforts performing by the Local Government is still not maximal, so it should be improved; (2) The strategic location, the well known product ad the support from the Local Government of Madiun Regency to make BREM to be mainstay product of the area, were the support factors of the small-sized business; (3) The lack in management, capital, and the weak of role of the institution and the lack of infrastructure were the disturbing factors. 9 The suggestion should be given were: (1) The programs should be arranged and the plan should be more directed by the Local Government of Madiun Regency agreed with the problem faced in the field; (2) Improvement of promotion and marketing of the mainstay product; (3) The available of fund in term of local loan that are professionally managed; and (4) The spirit of the businessmen to make innovation and grouped in a community that give benefit to the development of BREM in term of production, marketing and capital.
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UPAYA-PEMERINTAH-DAERAH-DALAM-PENGEMBANGAN-POTENSI-SENTRA-INDUSTRI-KECIL-(Studi-Pada-Sentra-Industri-Kecil-BREM-di-Desa-Kaliabu-Kecamatan-Mejayan-Kabupaten-Madiun-)-(abstrak).docabstrak137 kBMicrosoft WordView/Open
UPAYA-PEMERINTAH-DAERAH-DALAM-PENGEMBANGAN-POTENSI-SENTRA-INDUSTRI-KECIL-(Studi-Pada-Sentra-Industri-Kecil-BREM-di-Desa-Kaliabu-Kecamatan-Mejayan-Kabupaten-Madiun-)-(abstrak).pdfabstrak86.99 kBAdobe PDFView/Open
UPAYA-PEMERINTAH-DAERAH-DALAM-PENGEMBANGAN-POTENSI-SENTRA-INDUSTRI-KECIL-(Studi-Pada-Sentra-Industri-Kecil-BREM-di-Desa-Kaliabu-Kecamatan-Mejayan-Kabupaten-Madiun-)-(abstrak).psabstrak5.74 MBPostscriptView/Open
UPAYA-PEMERINTAH-DAERAH-DALAM-PENGEMBANGAN-POTENSI-SENTRA-INDUSTRI-KECIL-(Studi-Pada-Sentra-Industri-Kecil-BREM-di-Desa-Kaliabu-Kecamatan-Mejayan-Kabupaten-Madiun-)-(daftar-isi).docdaftar isi159.5 kBMicrosoft WordView/Open
UPAYA-PEMERINTAH-DAERAH-DALAM-PENGEMBANGAN-POTENSI-SENTRA-INDUSTRI-KECIL-(Studi-Pada-Sentra-Industri-Kecil-BREM-di-Desa-Kaliabu-Kecamatan-Mejayan-Kabupaten-Madiun-)-(daftar-isi).pdfdaftar isi94.62 kBAdobe PDFView/Open
UPAYA-PEMERINTAH-DAERAH-DALAM-PENGEMBANGAN-POTENSI-SENTRA-INDUSTRI-KECIL-(Studi-Pada-Sentra-Industri-Kecil-BREM-di-Desa-Kaliabu-Kecamatan-Mejayan-Kabupaten-Madiun-)-(daftar-isi).psdaftar isi4.95 MBPostscriptView/Open
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