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Issue Date: 8-Jun-2011
Abstract: This research was based on the low quality phenomenon of education in Indonesia and how the school role as an education organizing office can give the education service well. It encouraged the government do the improvement in Indonesia education system with education decentralization policy was formed in School Based Management, so that there are several education organizing functions were decentralizaded to school. It was hoped that the service that given by a school can reach a high Society Satisfaction Index (IKM), that is a standar for public service which there are 14 variables must be run by an organization public to give excellent service. The purpose of this research was to describe about how the implementation of organizing education and knew the support and obstacle factors in order to reach a high Society Satisfaction Index, that done by descriptive method with qualitative approach. This research was done at Kauman I Elementary School, because of : (1) At 2007/2008 years, Kauman I Elementary School got the highest mark at Ujian Pengendali Mutu (UPM) in Malang City and at 2008/2009 years became International Level School (SBI), include are: studying activity, managing the infrastucture and suprastructure, services to the students and funds, and also the relationship between the school and the society. Those functions relates with education service to the stakeholders directly. According to the result of this research can be concluded that are : (1) The implementation of organizing education in Kauman I Elementary School have applied School Based Management independently; (2) It was looked from the Society Satisfaction Index, the implementation of organizing education in Kauman I elementary school has shown good result, that can be looked from the variables in the Society Satisfaction Index can be reached well; (3) The support factors reach a high Society Satisfaction Index, consist of : the headmaster who has good competence, profesionalism from the human resources (teachers and employments), the conditions of infrastructure and suprastructure enough complete, the support of funds, and also the high society participations; and (4) The obstacle factors reach a high Society Satisfaction Index, include are : the double leadership from the headmaster, there are still human resources are not profesionalism yet, the renovation of infrastructure and suprastructure, the late of liquidation from the funds, and there are less support from society participations. The suggestion that can be given from this research, include are : (1) in an organization circle, if an employment run career upward, so the solution that must be compared by the organization is needed a new leader cadre; (2) the applied from good governance in education must always be done well; (3) the utilization of infrastructure and suprastructure need to be improved by a school; and (4) a Society Satisfaction Index must always be used to be a direction by a public organization as the service provider to serve the education stakeholder.
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IMPLEMENTASI-PENYELENGGARAAN-PENDIDIKAN-dalam-PERSPEKTIF--INDEKS-KEPUASAN-MASYARAKAT-(IKM)-(Studi-pada-SD-Negeri-Kauman-I-Kota-Malang)-(abstrak).pdfabstrak9.8 kBAdobe PDFView/Open
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IMPLEMENTASI-PENYELENGGARAAN-PENDIDIKAN-dalam-PERSPEKTIF--INDEKS-KEPUASAN-MASYARAKAT-(IKM)-(Studi-pada-SD-Negeri-Kauman-I-Kota-Malang)-(daftar-isi).pdfdaftar isi12.16 kBAdobe PDFView/Open
IMPLEMENTASI-PENYELENGGARAAN-PENDIDIKAN-dalam-PERSPEKTIF--INDEKS-KEPUASAN-MASYARAKAT-(IKM)-(Studi-pada-SD-Negeri-Kauman-I-Kota-Malang)-(daftar-isi).psdaftar isi129.62 kBPostscriptView/Open
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