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Issue Date: 14-Jun-2011
Abstract: Mijil Dewi Mayangsari, 2008, Implementation ISO in Service of Motor Vehicle Tax having Drive Thru System (Study In Kantor Bersama Samsat Manyar East Surabaya). Counselors: 1. Dr. Imam Hanafi, S.Sos, M.Si, 2. Drs. Soekanto, MS, Pages 142 In local autonomous era public service is a problem that always have paid attention to since moved decentralization policy, so local government with public organization of service giver obligate to give the prima service to society. Service which is often griped by society in certain range of time will form a union work on bad performance. Bad performance of course does not benefit, because bad performance will lessen even possible eliminate the belief to society toward public service giver organization. Image of public organization of public service giver automatically also will influence the governmental image and belief to it. The lack of belief will make difficult to develop the healthy, efficient, and durable politic bureaucracy because no strength which is connecting each other support it. These days, one of method which used a lot of by business organization within upgrading quality and its productivity is by applying standard intern ISO 9000. One of newest series is ISO 9001:2000 specifying conditions for the desain of in assessment. System of Quality Management which has aim to guarantee that organization will give the product (goods /or service) fulfilling specified conditions. One of public organization applied ISO 9001:2000 is KB Samsat Manyar East Surabaya inclusive of in it activity within processing payment of Motor Vehicle Tax with Drive Thru System. The problem is how KB Samsat serves the public in repetition registration, payment of motor vehicle tax and also obliged contribution of traffic accident fund (SWDKLLJ) by Drive Thru system. The obtained data is about how beginning the management and next to be done start from registration, then management and also payment. With all the form of authentication until administration and archives processes. Therefore to know how process of Drive Thru System in repetition registration motor vehicle, payment PKB and also payment SWDKLLJ in public 6 service related to public satisfaction that is society asking for and or accepting important service to be conducted. This research is used to know the process or mechanism of Drive Thru system in public service in Samsat Manyar East Surabaya. This Election is also expected so that the happening of improvement of service quality at KB Samsat, that is by the existence of improvement at a speed of service. This research uses the qualitative approach with descriptive research type. Data collection is done through interview technique not have structure, observation and relevant document use. Result of research that can be analyzed by observed from how conditions of annual repetition registration / Payment of Motor Vehicle Tax ( PKB) and Payment of Obliged Contribution of Traffic Accident Fund (SWDKLLJ) by Drive Thru system in Samsat Manyar East Surabaya. This Research later conclude that public service is conducted by KB Samsat faster by applying target of quality based on time standard, existence of mechanism of control management the internal quality audit that will check the effectiveness of applying quality procedure and quality target and also the existence of continuous repair. To maintain the consistency of that quality, in the working process KB Samsat have to always perform the quality procedure consistently inclusive of by applying Drive Thru System it's proven efficient enough from sector of time accuracy and pleasure and also amenity. This matter all at once is effective in order to give awareness to taxpayer of about .,the important of pay for on schedule at KB Samsat. However service of Drive Thru system in KB Samsat Manyar East Surabaya still limited on implementation operation together only for vehicle four wheel not yet fully on vehicle two wheel.
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IMPLEMENTASI-ISO-9001-2000-DALAM-PELAYANAN-PAJAK-KENDARAAN-BERMOTOR-BERSISTEM-DRIVE-THRU-(Studi-di-Kantor-Bersama-Samsat-Manyar-Surabaya-Timur)-(abstrak).pdfabstrak15.71 kBAdobe PDFView/Open
IMPLEMENTASI-ISO-9001-2000-DALAM-PELAYANAN-PAJAK-KENDARAAN-BERMOTOR-BERSISTEM-DRIVE-THRU-(Studi-di-Kantor-Bersama-Samsat-Manyar-Surabaya-Timur)-(abstrak).psabstrak128.46 kBPostscriptView/Open
IMPLEMENTASI-ISO-9001-2000-DALAM-PELAYANAN-PAJAK-KENDARAAN-BERMOTOR-BERSISTEM-DRIVE-THRU-(Studi-di-Kantor-Bersama-Samsat-Manyar-Surabaya-Timur)-(daftar-isi).docdaftar-isi77.5 kBMicrosoft WordView/Open
IMPLEMENTASI-ISO-9001-2000-DALAM-PELAYANAN-PAJAK-KENDARAAN-BERMOTOR-BERSISTEM-DRIVE-THRU-(Studi-di-Kantor-Bersama-Samsat-Manyar-Surabaya-Timur)-(daftar-isi).pdfdaftar-isi12.89 kBAdobe PDFView/Open
IMPLEMENTASI-ISO-9001-2000-DALAM-PELAYANAN-PAJAK-KENDARAAN-BERMOTOR-BERSISTEM-DRIVE-THRU-(Studi-di-Kantor-Bersama-Samsat-Manyar-Surabaya-Timur)-(daftar-isi).psdaftar-isi91.79 kBPostscriptView/Open
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