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Title: Evaluasi dan Revisi Standard Operational Procedure (SOP) Cleaning di Area Produksi Susu Kental Manis PT. X
Issue Date: 18-Jun-2011
Abstract: PT. X was each of Dairy Processing Industries that apply Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) in the production process. Cleaning is one of GMP activity in PT. X. The validation was done to find out if the component of cleaning are suitable with the standard of GMP. The purposes of this research are to evaluate and revise the Standard Operational Procedure (SOP) of cleaning in sweet condensed milk production area in PT. X. While the benefits of this research are: may get a revision proposal of the Standard Operational Procedure of cleaning in sweet condensed milk production area in PT. X; and this SOP could apply in the other dairy processing industries in connection to reduce the product contamination jeopardize to fulfill food safety purpose. This research located in PT. X, Jl. Raya Pasuruan 􀂱 Malang Km 9.5, Kejayan, Pasuruan at January to May 2006. The research􀂶s procedure including : production processing study, problem identification, literature study, collecting data, evaluation and investigation, and conclusion. The research􀂶s instrument is questionnaire. Sampling method in this research is proportional sampling. Evaluation method of SOP and analysis is description. The output is revision recommendation of cleaning SOP and make a cleaning module for sweet condensed milk production area. Manual cleaning SOP evaluation observes several aspect including : time, cleaning method, cleaning tools, and cleaning stage. The manual cleaning SOP in can making area, processing area, and packing area haven􀂶t been documented, so the recommendation is the factory make a manual cleaning SOP in those area. While in filling area has the manual cleaning SOP so it can be evaluated. The evaluation results of filling machine (Fe 24, Fe 28, and FMC) showed that in this SOP necessary write about the time aspect, cleaning method, using an Indonesian spelling, and take a picture of cleaning in that SOP. For Squeezeable bottle machine there􀂶ll be no significant revision recommendation because this manual cleaning SOP is suitable with the evaluation aspect that examined.
URI: http://elibrary.ub.ac.id/handle/123456789/28153
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