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Title: Strategi Peningkatan Kualitas Pelayanan Pada Perusahaan Negara (Studi Pada Plasa Telkom Basuki Rahamat Malang)
Other Titles: Increasing Quality Service Strategy Of Public Company (Study on Plasa Telkom Basuki Rahmad Malang)
Authors: Kantiasih, Weti
Issue Date: 18-Jun-2011
Abstract: The development of information technology which so fast and modern influence people life style and their communication habit. It caused by so many new operators which demand the product with relative same price and quality, the only one way for telecommunication service company to give a quality service is by applying excellent service. Based on that background, can be abbreviated that the problem about quality service which give by Plasa Telkom Basuki Rahmat Malang on giving the service and what the strategy which applied by Plasa Telkom Basuki Rahmat Malang to increase its quality services, and what factors which influence merit service gived by Plasa Telkom Basuki Rahmat Malang to its customers. To discover quality, strategy and factors which influence merit service gived by Plasa Telkom Basuki Rahmat Malang, in this research uses descriptive research method. By using descriptive research will be compared the service standart which company has decided with its reality in field. Beside that, by doing interview with some customers, it can be analyzed about part of excellent service in effort to reach for quality service. From the result of data analysis, can be obtained descriptive of reality and part of excellent service in reach for quality service on Plasa Telkom Basuki Rahmat Malang. Most of Plasa Telkom Basuki Rahmat Malang customers tell that TERRA service which including tangible, sympathy, reliability, responsiveness and assurance that gived by Plasa Telkom Basuki Rahmat Malang sophisticated enough and even is more. Based on data analysis, can be obtained that service which gived by Plasa Telkom Basuki Rahmat Malang has said as excellent service because all thing about service which including familiar service, new pair handling, disturbance handling, phone bill payment, area system, take care of cleanness had done as working standart which had decided. The most important factors from excellent service succeed on Plasa Telkom Basuki Rahmat Malang are good human resources, discipline and cooperation. Advices which gived to company are to always increasing service well, and more tighten to evaluate the service because in the future the business competition in telecommunication will be more tigh with more adequate structure and infrastructure which competitors have
URI: http://elibrary.ub.ac.id/handle/123456789/28206
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STRATEGI-PENINGKATAN-KUALITAS-PELAYANAN-PADA-PERUSAHAAN-NEGARA-(Studi-Pada-Plasa-Telkom-Basuki-Rahmat-Malang)-(DAFTAR-ISI).psdaftar isi163.9 kBPostscriptView/Open
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