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Title: PROFESIONALISME PELAYANAN KESEHATAN IBU DAN ANAK BAGI MASYARAKAT MISKIN (Studi pada Pelayanan Medis dan Administrasi di Puskesmas Dinoyo Malang)
Issue Date: 21-Jun-2011
Abstract: This research was done qualified mothers and children healthy care services. Prior this research, society felt that they did not proper services. This fact could be seen from two signs: low healthy quality of poor society and high mortality of mothers and their babies. In delivering healthy care services, the professionals should have given balance treatment, meaning that they would not consider whether their „customers‟ were from lower or upper level. Medical staff assigned should have had competencies, then, were used as a standard of professional medical staff. Therefore, successfull healthy care services occured. The aim of this research were to know and to describe of professionalism mother and children healty care services and mother and children healhty care for poor society. Eventually, be able to give contribute as practice that research can give input and as material of consideration for services of poor society, and according to theoritis as a next reseacher material referension and futhermore treasure of science of Public Administration. This research to point of reference study about local government, professionalism, public services, and healty care services of poor society. The methods of the research to use approach qualitative which is a descriptive research type. The reseacrh have two focus that is healthy care services professionalism and step of mother and children healthy care services of poor society. There are several indicators dealing with professionalism of mothers and children healthy care services, they are quick handling, skills and competencies, diagnosis ability, exact handling, covering organizatation, other fields relation, other side jobs, and politeness. Nonetheless, indicators of poor society‟s healthy care treatment are kinds of services, procedures, medical services, administration and customers feedback towards the services. The location of this research site at Mother and Children healthy polyclinic. The data soure which gain take through primarly data and secondary data with to collect data as an observation, interview, field note, and documentation. The data analysis using by data reduction, data presentation, and draw a conclusion. The result of this research showed that medical staff at Puskesmas Dinoyo Malang had emerged their professional attitudes and given proper services especially healthy care to poor society. The medical staff acted politely whenever they directly faced patiens, yet have aproblem about rate of speedy to handling patient because stumbled on technic problems. This made pleasure, as a result. Moreover, the staff care fully handled and diagnosed patients‟ disorder. They also gave proper services based on their skills, competencies, and educational background; good relationship amongst other fields; easy procedures; fair services; precise administration based on Perda no.20/ 2005; and positive feedback from the patiens. The conclusion of this result showed that medical staff services was indicate their professional attitudes as a medical staff services although have several indicator services professionalism not maximal. Especially for quick handling and other side jobs in which the staff were doing other jobs simultaneosly, those two aspects had not been done precisely based on rules built due to technical services barriers. On behalf of to purpose computerization of services, increasing media tools to widwly scape of service healthu care and enumerator official in order to official doesn‟t doubling of service that was offered.
URI: http://elibrary.ub.ac.id/handle/123456789/28649
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PROFESIONALISME-PELAYANAN-KESEHATAN-IBU-DAN-ANAK-BAGI-MASYARAKAT-MISKIN-(Studi-pada-Pelayanan-Medis-dan-Administrasi-di-Puskesmas-Dinoyo-Malang)-(abstrak).docabstrak99 kBMicrosoft WordView/Open
PROFESIONALISME-PELAYANAN-KESEHATAN-IBU-DAN-ANAK-BAGI-MASYARAKAT-MISKIN-(Studi-pada-Pelayanan-Medis-dan-Administrasi-di-Puskesmas-Dinoyo-Malang)-(abstrak).pdfabstrak81.77 kBAdobe PDFView/Open
PROFESIONALISME-PELAYANAN-KESEHATAN-IBU-DAN-ANAK-BAGI-MASYARAKAT-MISKIN-(Studi-pada-Pelayanan-Medis-dan-Administrasi-di-Puskesmas-Dinoyo-Malang)-(abstrak).psabstrak303.31 kBPostscriptView/Open
PROFESIONALISME-PELAYANAN-KESEHATAN-IBU-DAN-ANAK-BAGI-MASYARAKAT-MISKIN-(Studi-pada-Pelayanan-Medis-dan-Administrasi-di-Puskesmas-Dinoyo-Malang)-(daftar-isi).docdaftar isi72.5 kBMicrosoft WordView/Open
PROFESIONALISME-PELAYANAN-KESEHATAN-IBU-DAN-ANAK-BAGI-MASYARAKAT-MISKIN-(Studi-pada-Pelayanan-Medis-dan-Administrasi-di-Puskesmas-Dinoyo-Malang)-(daftar-isi).pdfdaftar isi38.76 kBAdobe PDFView/Open
PROFESIONALISME-PELAYANAN-KESEHATAN-IBU-DAN-ANAK-BAGI-MASYARAKAT-MISKIN-(Studi-pada-Pelayanan-Medis-dan-Administrasi-di-Puskesmas-Dinoyo-Malang)-(daftar-isi).psdaftar isi197.26 kBPostscriptView/Open
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