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Title: PEMBUATAN KERTAS TRANSPARAN DARI JERAMI PADI (Kajian Konsentrasi NaOH dan Jumlah Pelapisan PVAc)
Issue Date: 23-Jun-2011
Abstract: The number and time of raw material’s arrival can be determined accurately by calculating the number of raw material which should be ordered to the supplier. The first step to find out the number of raw material which should be ordered by using Supply Chain Management method is determines the period and doing demand forecasting. Then, determines the lead time (L) which the formulation is L = ) ( n n xP L ∑ . The next, determines starting inventory in each period (I) where It = It-1 – Dt-1 + L t Q − , calculate order up to target (R) where R = D( L + 1) + SS. After that, order quantity (Q) can be found by formulating Qt = Rt – It – Ot, where Ot (on order quantity) = ∑ − = − 1 1 L k k t Q . All of the calculation must be done alternately in each period and entered into supply chain table. The last step is calculating procurement cost, i.e. ordering, purchasing, holding, and stockout cost. The result revealed that the SCM method influences the smoothness of raw material’s supply with 2 days lead time and 2.411 tons safety stock. The raw material requirement can be determined, so the supplier can allocate the raw material which must be supplied to the factory, so that lack or surplus of raw material was not happened. Based on cost calculation, the SCM method can reduce ordering cost by Rp. 440,400.00 and stockout cost can be canceled, but increase the purchasing cost by Rp. 151,830,000.00, so that the total cost can be decreased by Rp. 485,618,400.00 per year.
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