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Title: ANALISIS KELAYAKAN TEKNOLOGI PRODUKSI KERIPIK MANGGA PODANG PADA INDUSTRI KECIL (Studi Kasus Diseminasi Teknologi Unit Produksi Olahan Mangga di Sumber Bendo, Kediri )
Authors: Rakhmantyo, Ridho
Keywords: Expedience Analysis
Production Technology
Issue Date: 3-Jul-2011
Abstract: Urang Podang mango is one of local main fruits commodities in Kediri, East java. To handle the extreme rise in harvesting time and its easily-race characteristic, this mango is proceed into several kinds of products. One of products divercifications is in the form of chips. One of UKM in Kediri that produces mango chips is UKM Budidaya that initially was formed from farmer group in Tiron village, Banyakan sub-district, Kediri. The problem faced by this UKM is the manufacturing technology. So the technology dissemination should be done. This study aims to know the quality of mango chips on the micro industry continually and to know the product expedience in the micro industry. The method used in this study was literature study, observation, production experiment, analysis, and interpretation. The result of the production was examined by using chemical test (water, carbohydrate, and fat content) and organoleptic test (taste, aroma, color, and texture) by using hedonic scoin the scale of 1-5. In addition, this study also studied the production process, utility needs, employers, machine, and the production equipments. The chemical test has shown that the podang chips have been met the SNI standard. However, the quality has not same yet. The chemical characteristic of this chips were water content 3.698%, fat content 13.719% and carbohydrate content 20.231%. The organoleptic test has shown that in general the panelist expert liked this podang mango chips. The podang mango chips drink production capacity has been estimated about 4kg/day or 40 packages. The financial analysis has shown that the fixed capital estimation need is Rp. 84,337,000.00 with HPP Rp. 5,809 and the sale price per unit is Rp. 6,000.00. So, the BEPunit is 1540 packages and BEPrupiah is Rp. 9,408,445.00. R/C ratio (business efficiency) is 1.4, meant that the production of podang mango chips has been efficient and profitable; while, the payback period will be obtained after 10 years and 11 days.
URI: http://elibrary.ub.ac.id/handle/123456789/30839
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ANALISIS-KELAYAKAN-TEKNOLOGI-PRODUKSI-KERIPIK-MANGGA-PODANG-PADA-INDUSTRI-KECIL-(Studi-Kasus-Diseminasi-Teknologi-Unit-Produksi-Olahan-Mangga-diSumber-Bendo,-Kediri-)-(ABSTRAK).pdfabstrak94.74 kBAdobe PDFView/Open
ANALISIS-KELAYAKAN-TEKNOLOGI-PRODUKSI-KERIPIK-MANGGA-PODANG-PADA-INDUSTRI-KECIL-(Studi-Kasus-Diseminasi-Teknologi-Unit-Produksi-Olahan-Mangga-diSumber-Bendo,-Kediri-)-(ABSTRAK).psabstrak296.04 kBPostscriptView/Open
ANALISIS-KELAYAKAN-TEKNOLOGI-PRODUKSI-KERIPIK-MANGGA-PODANG-PADA-INDUSTRI-KECIL-(Studi-Kasus-Diseminasi-Teknologi-Unit-Produksi-Olahan-Mangga-diSumber-Bendo,-Kediri-)-(DAFTAR-ISI).docdaftar-isi40.5 kBMicrosoft WordView/Open
ANALISIS-KELAYAKAN-TEKNOLOGI-PRODUKSI-KERIPIK-MANGGA-PODANG-PADA-INDUSTRI-KECIL-(Studi-Kasus-Diseminasi-Teknologi-Unit-Produksi-Olahan-Mangga-diSumber-Bendo,-Kediri-)-(DAFTAR-ISI).pdfdaftar-isi107.74 kBAdobe PDFView/Open
ANALISIS-KELAYAKAN-TEKNOLOGI-PRODUKSI-KERIPIK-MANGGA-PODANG-PADA-INDUSTRI-KECIL-(Studi-Kasus-Diseminasi-Teknologi-Unit-Produksi-Olahan-Mangga-diSumber-Bendo,-Kediri-)-(DAFTAR-ISI).psdaftar-isi396.93 kBPostscriptView/Open
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