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Title: Optimasi Sintesis Fosfolipid Terstruktur dari Fosfolipid Sawit dan Konsentrat Asam Lemak Omega-3 dari Minyak Hasil Samping Penepungan Ikan Lemuru (Sardinella longiceps) Melalui Reaksi Asidolisis Enzimatis
Authors: Khoiron Ferdiansah, Mokhamad
Keywords: structured phospholipids
structured phospholipids
Issue Date: 5-Jul-2011
Abstract: Palm pressed fiber is waste or by product from palm oil processing which has phospholipids compound. The role of phospholipids can be improved not only as emulsifier but also as a functional component which is useful for health. The improvement of phospholipids functional value can be obtained by structuring phospholipids with omega-3 fatty acid concentrate. One of the source of omega-3 fatty acid is the by product of lemuru meal processing. One of the factors to which a researcher shall pay heed during the structuration process of phospholipids is the recognition of reaction optimum point as the basis of structured phospholipids synthesis with the bigger scale. The objective of this research is to determine the optimum condition of structured phospholipids synthesis observed from omega-3 fatty acid ratio to rough phospholipids of palm pressed fiber and the length of reaction. Optimization process is done by employing central composite design. Factors which are observed are substrate ratio (fatty acid concentrate: phospholipids) (X1) and the reaction time (X2) with the concentrate of enzyme is 20% out of substrate weight (phospholipids and concentrate). Response which is optimized at structured phospholipids produced is incorporation rate or the concentration of EPA and DHA fatty acid in structured phospholipids. Factors used in central composite design, they are fatty acid to phospholipids ratio 2,5:1; 3,5:1; 4,5:1 and the length of reaction 12, 24, and 36 hours with two replications. The process of synthesis optimization of structured phospholipids through enzymatic acydolisis resulted on the production of the following equation of quadratic model Y = 647,952 + 72,0061 X1 + 42,3638 X2 – 24,1125 X1 X2 - 203,700 X1 2 - 90,2248 X2 2 . From this equation, optimum ratio of omega-3 fatty acid and rough phospholipids which is taken 3,66 : 1. In addition, it also showed the optimum reaction time 26 hours 33 minutes. The concentration of EPA+DHA at the optimization result of sstructured phospholipids is 787,73 mg/100gr with the incorporation degree of EPA 14,71% and DHA 6,58%. Besides that, there had been an improvement of purity degree at the structured phospholipids resulted from enzymatic acydolisis reaction. The arrangement of incorporation degree of EPA and DHA at each phospholipids fraction is PE > PI > PG > PA.
URI: http://elibrary.ub.ac.id/handle/123456789/31160
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