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Title: Analisa Sistem Produksi Tepung Glukomanan di Pabrik Pengolahan Umbi Porang Desa Sumber Bendo-Saradan Kabupaten Madiun.
Keywords: Porang
Financial Analysis
Issue Date: 5-Jul-2011
Abstract: Porang or Iles-iles is included in the family of Aracae (Amorphophallus Compenuliatus). Which is a kind of plant grow on the bush , with it’s corm within grow the soil. A lot of benefit we can get from porang, we can use it is the material (ingredient) in making konyaku (a kind of tofu) and shirataki (a kind of noodle) of Japanese food. The harvest result of porang is approximately 8,000 kg/hertare. If we take care a good of it’s growth intensively. It we can be sold Rp 2,900/ kg when it has not been dried, and on the other hand, when has been dried (rendemen 17%) it can be sold in the form of porang chip with the price Rp 19,000/ kg. If porang is manufactured to be porang flour, the price is highly raised into Rp 100,000/kg. The aim of this research are: 1) Technical appropriatness of the using of any machines that support porang. Factory, in order to know the working capacity and the efficiency of the those machine. 2) The economic appropriatness of porang factories, in order to know how big the benefits they can give to the surrounding society. This research uses the method of data collection. The kind of data used in this research is primary and secondary data. Primary data are including social and economic data, and also physical data: social data, economic data, and physical data, In collecting the primary data, the research uses survey method : by interviewing the respondents. The secondary data is collected from Kesatuan Pemangkuan Hutan (KPH) Saradan –East Java, and any related organization. The kind of analysis of the form of business plan applied by the farmers. The analysis of coast and benefit uses the NVP (Net Present Valve) IRR (Internal Rate of Return) the B/V Ration (Benefir Cost Ratio) the PP (payback Rate of Return), an the analysis sensitivity The result if this research: A).The technical analysis: The production duration of the factories is approximately 693.93 kg/jam, producting 620.86 ton; and manufacturing the manual process of production, the production’s duration is 140.78 kg/jam producting 126 ton. B) The economic analysis: Manufacturing processing porang manually has the NVP value of Rp 100,605,700.4 and the IRR value is 52.57%; the wave of net and gross B/C ratio is 1.04, On the other hand, the manufacturing process in the factory of porang chip has the valve of NVP as much as Rp 4,091,632,596.5 and the value of IRR is 51.75%; with the net and gross B/C ratio is 2.49, The value NPV of manufacturing glukomanan four is as much as Rp 119,387,182,493 and the value of IRR is 53.06% and on the other hand, the net and gross B/C ratio is 2.08.
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