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Title: Ruang Terbuka Hijau Dalam Pembangunan Kota Bagi Terciptanya Kota Berkelanjutan (Studi Tentang Alih Fungsi Ruang Terbuka Hijau Publik Dalam Pembangunan Kota Malang)
Authors: Fithriana, Noora
Issue Date: 29-Jul-2011
Abstract: This is a descriptive qualitative research carried out on the basis of phenomenon of the change of function in public green open spaces into built areas in the development city of Malang. The people of Malang have relation with the spaces in the city of Malang because they will do all their activities in the spaces. So, the facilities are needed to support their activities. To accommodate the needs, the Government City of Malang should be built on the areas which have been planed for buildings based on the plan of open spaces. On the contrary, city spaces which are functioned as public green open spaces have been changed into building areas that are not good for the environment and sustainability of city of Malang. Recently, there is a demand that a development of a city should have aspiration to the needs and the existence in the future. So, Government City of Malang should not build environment builded which will cause to unsustainability. Hence, with dull face profitopolis developments appear at every corner of city of Malang at present. The city of Malang should be able to become a sustainable city. The researcher collected the data about the change of function the public green open spaces in the development of city of Malang, the background factors, the effects and the efforts of Government City of Malang in realizing the sustainable city of Malang through the observation, interview, and document study at “Badan Perencanaan Pembangunan”, “Dinas Pengawasan Bangunan Dan Pengendalian Lingkungan”, and “Dinas Pertamanan” city of Malang also “Badan Meteorologi Dan Geofisika Stasiun Klimatologi Karangploso” and analyse the data using Constant Comparative Method. The result found in this research shows that the change of function in the public green open spaces in the city of Malang happened because there is an economic needs between the capitalist and the authority, so that the existence of public green open spaces nowadays is only 2.7%. The lack of expense and sphere of employees become technical factors, development actors who prefer to build in the strategic places, they are not consistent to the district rule about the plan of district spaces and focus on the paradigm of the growth into non technical factors which will be the background moving up the function of public green open spaces of city of Malang. The consequence is it rises the symptomps of “anti city space” and “the effect of heat island” in the city of Malang. To realize the sustainable city of Malang and to fulfil the mandate of 30% green open spaces in the block of houses district and to incite the green programs. On the other hand the effort seems have no balance with the number of the function change of public green open spaces which happened and impressed that it is presented in order the Government of City is still estimated pro to the environment by the people.
URI: http://elibrary.ub.ac.id/handle/123456789/32210
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Ruang-Terbuka-Hijau-Dalam-Pembangunan-Kota-Bagi--Terciptanya--Kota--Berkelanjutan--(Studi--Tentang--Alih--Fungsi--Ruang-Terbuka--Hijau--Publik--Dalam--Pembangunan--Kota-Malang)-(abstrak).pdfabstrak51.75 kBAdobe PDFView/Open
Ruang-Terbuka-Hijau-Dalam-Pembangunan-Kota-Bagi--Terciptanya--Kota--Berkelanjutan--(Studi--Tentang--Alih--Fungsi--Ruang-Terbuka--Hijau--Publik--Dalam--Pembangunan--Kota-Malang)-(abstrak).psabstrak385.54 kBPostscriptView/Open
Ruang-Terbuka-Hijau-Dalam-Pembangunan-Kota-Bagi--Terciptanya--Kota--Berkelanjutan--(Studi--Tentang--Alih--Fungsi--Ruang-Terbuka--Hijau--Publik--Dalam--Pembangunan--Kota-Malang)-(daftar-isi).docdaftar isi237 kBMicrosoft WordView/Open
Ruang-Terbuka-Hijau-Dalam-Pembangunan-Kota-Bagi--Terciptanya--Kota--Berkelanjutan--(Studi--Tentang--Alih--Fungsi--Ruang-Terbuka--Hijau--Publik--Dalam--Pembangunan--Kota-Malang)-(daftar-isi).pdfdaftar isi65.06 kBAdobe PDFView/Open
Ruang-Terbuka-Hijau-Dalam-Pembangunan-Kota-Bagi--Terciptanya--Kota--Berkelanjutan--(Studi--Tentang--Alih--Fungsi--Ruang-Terbuka--Hijau--Publik--Dalam--Pembangunan--Kota-Malang)-(daftar-isi).psdaftar isi634.18 kBPostscriptView/Open
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